Building Compassion by the Book – Year End Newsletter


Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying this holiday season.

This year, Compassion by the Book began creating the good we envisioned last year.

Compassion by the Book:

  • Partnered with 9 student orgs,
  • Helped students raise $8,000 for 5 causes,
  • Empowered 30 student volunteers to make a difference, and
  • Provided 800 free books to students in the first ever Free Book Fair.

Read on to discover how we spent the year putting all the pieces together.

What We Do

Compassion by the Book teaches college students how to give purposefully and effectively. We show students that they have much to give (e.g. resources like textbooks, skills like tech savvy, fresh ideas, and networking power) and provide them tools, training, and support to pursue world-changing initiatives with all they have to offer. Our textbook fundraising program, for example, helps students become major donors to the organizations of their choice by turning unused textbooks into financial resources rather than sitting in boxes or on shelves.

Lemons into Lemonade

In February, we fought a challenge by the IRS to earn our 501(c)(3) (nonprofit) status. We remodeled our textbook fundraising program to fortify our charitable purpose. Despite the discouragement of the IRS’ challenge, the new model was better suited to our mission and will serve more students in purposeful ways. We gained nonprofit status in late March!

Regis a Blessing

In the spring, Regis’ student government and community service program sponsored a book drive collecting roughly 2,000 books and ultimately raised close to $5,000. Regis graciously offered CBTB storage/work space and enabled CBTB to hire work study students to help develop operations.

In July, Regis’ Student Activities Office brought Executive Director, Kurtis Griess, to the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference in Chicago. Kurtis co-presented with Dave Law (of Regis) to 40 student leaders about how they could partner with Compassion by the Book and other non-profits.

InterVarsity Champions Textbook Fundraising

At CSM, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship demonstrated the perfect model of textbook fundraising as their student-led effort raised $2,500. The student leaders were organized, efficient, and determined. They planned ahead and stayed on top of all they needed to do. CBTB is proud to serve students taking such ownership of their cause.

Promising New Participants

In November, two new groups joined the ranks of textbook fundraisers. TIARA at Auraria is advocating for Love146 to fight sex slavery and Bridges to Prosperity at CSM is raising funds to build a bridge in Bolivia for their Senior Design Project. It’s inspiring to see students giving their hearts, minds, and resources to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Thanks to Those Who Make it Happen

Many thanks are in order for the dozens of amazing volunteers and supporters who make our work possible.

To the textbook fundraising participants, Board of Directors, Student Advisory Committee, graphic and web designers (Joseph Garcia and Andrew Ferguson), legal support (Judy Eaton), book storage (Regis University, CSM, and Jaricia Griess), donors, advisers, and advocates:

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! We are truly blessed by you.


Kurtis Griess

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