Founder Kurtis Griess Becomes a Denver Math Fellow

Kurtis joined the team at DCIS Montbello!

Kurtis Griess, Founder and Executive Director of Compassion by the Book, accepted a position as a Denver Math Fellow at Denver Center for International Studies at Montbello. Kurtis will continue to work on Compassion by the Book evenings and weekends.

Keep reading below to see how this change will affect Compassion by the Book and read his personal blog post on the topic by clicking this link.


What does this mean for Compassion by the Book?


1) We dont have to rush to hire an ED.

In the last several months, CBTB’s Board looked seriously at what it would take to hire Kurtis as the Executive Director. While it would be feasible to fundraise to pay the salary, large-scale fundraising would be added to Kurtis’ existing responsibilities – thereby reducing the time he could commit to other tasks. Since Kurtis will not require compensation immediately, it allows us to build our organization and find funding at a natural pace. The funding we do receive will continue to be dedicated to our programs and special projects.

2) Less committed time by Kurtis, more ownership by others.

Kurtis will not have as much time to spend on Compassion by the Book, but he believes he can be more efficient with the time he has. He will be fitting more work into less hours, so he should be far more productive. On the downside, he will not have the flexibility he once had to meet with people throughout the day. To help meet the demands of the organization, others will have to take more ownership and assist CBTB.


We wish Kurtis the best of luck and know that he will find the experience rewarding! Please join us in congratulating him on becoming a Denver Math Fellow!

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